Cleaning technology

Air filter systems with know-how

Air filter systems are used in all situations where harmful substances need to be reliably removed from indoor air. Whether in the medical field, business premises, hotels, restaurants or in private homes – the use of indoor air filters makes a valuable contribution to significantly reducing the risk of infection from coronaviruses (SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19), influenza viruses and other health-damaging airborne particles.

Our portable and fixed indoor air filters remove over 99.9% of all viruses, bacteria, pollens, gases, odours, aerosols and other harmful substances from indoor air. Even extremely fine particles are safely and reliably removed from the air.

Our indoor air filters are manufactured by the ETS Products Group®. This new high-tech generation of air cleaners is designed and developed in Germany. The superb effectiveness of the complex filter technology was tested and proven by two independent institutes.

> For rooms up to 25 m²
> Air volume 200 m³/h
> Only 52 x 31 x 14 cm
> For rooms up to 40 m²
> Air volume 320 m³/h
> Three-colour display
> For rooms up to 60 m²
> Air volume 480 m³/h
> Space-saving wall mounting
> For rooms up to 80 m²
> Air volume 720 m³/h
> Four-colour display
AP-120 / AP-120 EDM
> For rooms up to 140 m²
> Air volume 1,200 m³/h
> Large filter surface
> For rooms up to 160 m²
> Air volume 1,300 m³/h
> Very large filter surface
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All the advantages at a glance

Virus- and pollen-free air

Guaranteed clean indoor air: Our units filter out more than 99.9% of all viruses, bacteria, aerosols, pollens, allergens, dust and mould spores. Other harmful substances and unpleasant odours, even the finest airborne particles, are also safely and reliably removed.

Highly effective

Thanks to highly efficient technology: The multi-filter system from the ETS Products Group combines all recognised cleaning systems in one device: Prefilter | HEPA filter | Active charcoal filter | Plasma | TiO2 photo-catalysator + UV-C light.


Quality that convinces! Our 99.9% filter effectiveness was proven and certified in tests by two independent laboratories: SGS certificate (Switzerland) + Guangdong Institute of Microbiology.

Large product range

DEMA-airtech offers a choice of six different air cleaners for your individual needs:
> For room sizes 20 – 160 m2
> Rooms can have more than one unit
> Portable and fixed-in-place units

Energy efficient

Continuous control and display of air quality allow the unit’s performance to be adjusted to suit the level of contamination. Power consumption: 10 – 100 watt. All systems are environmentally friendly and work without chemical additives.

No complex technology

All devices are designed to be quickly installed and straightforward to bring into use. Servicing and maintenance can be done without problems and inexpensively by untrained personnel.