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Our indoor air filter family

Product overview

We currently offer six air filter systems with various outputs for different room sizes and fields of application.

All filter systems analyse the air quality and control the intensity of cleaning based on the level of contamination. In addition to five models with air quality and cleaning level displays, we also have a version without adjustment controls or switches for continuous, unattended operation in public areas.

All our units must pass a function test lasting several hours before dispatch.


Our most compact unit for small rooms. Despite its small dimensions, the unit is fully featured and has an air quality display.

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With three-colour air quality display. The fully featured system achieves the highest results in all laboratory tests.

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Wall-mounted system. With remote control and external display showing air quality.

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Our multi-talented performer for every application. The fully featured system achieves the highest results in all SGS laboratory tests.

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AP-120 / AP-120 EDM

Free-standing unit for large rooms. Available with display and automatic control or with no display and manual control for rooms used by the public.

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With air quality display. Our most powerful system for large rooms used very heavily by the public.

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At a glance

Technical data compared

Technical dataAP-30AP-40AP-60AP-90AP-120AP-120 EDMAP-160
Air volume200 m³/h320 m3/h480 m3/h720 m3/h1.200 m3/h1.200 m3/h1.300 m3/h
Mains voltage220/240 V110/230 V110/230 V220/240 V110/230 V110/230 V110/230 V
Frequency50 Hz50/60 Hz50/60 Hz50/60 Hz50/60 Hz50/60 Hz50/60 Hz
Power60 W60 W60 W117 W120 W120 W140 W
Dimensions (cm)52 x 31 x 1462 x 39 x 2398 x 33 x 2073 x 49 x 24124 x 58 x 33132 x 57 x 32122 x 60 x 35
Weight8,9 kg8,5 kg10 kg15,6 kg41 kg43 kg54 kg
Loudness at 1m/90°36 – 59 dB35 – 51 dB39 – 51 dB36 – 62 dB39 – 51 dB39 – 51 dB38 – 62 dB
Setting 136 dB35 dB36 dB
Setting 2 / L39 dB37 dB39 dB39 dB39 dB39 dB38 dB
Setting 3 / M52 dB48 dB48 dB52 dB48 dB48 dB55 dB
Setting 4 / H59 dB51 dB51 dB59 dB51 dB51 dB62 dB
Ambient temperature5°C – 40°C5°C – 40°C5°C – 40°C5°C – 40°C5°C – 40°C5°C – 40°C5°C – 40°C
Relative humidity< 80%< 80%< 80%< 80%< 80%< 80%< 80%
Ozone concentration< 0,005 mg/m3< 0,005 mg/m3< 0,01 mg/m3< 0,005 mg/m3< 0,012 mg/m3< 0,012 mg/m3< 0,012 mg/m3
Automatic modeyesyesyesyesnoyesyes
OperationTouch + IRTouch + IRTouch + IRTouch + IRswitchTouch + IRTouch + IR
Remote controlyesyesyesyesnoyesyes
Control by AppTuya AppTuya AppTuya App
Air quality displayQuality displayColour changeQuality displayColour changenoQuality displayQuality display
SensorsTVOC + PM2,5
HEPA filterH13H13PP + PETnoH13PP + PET H13 med.fibergl.H13 med.fibergl.H13 med.fibergl.
Active charcoal filterhoneycombhoneycombyeshoneycombhoneycombhoneycombhoneycomb
Plasma technologyyesyesyesyesyesyesyes
Titanium dioxide filteryesyesnein1221
UV lampyesyesyesyesyesyesyes
Filter replacement intervalApprox. 8,000 hApprox. 8,000 hApprox. 8,000 hApprox. 8,000 hApprox. 8,000 hApprox. 8,000 hApprox. 8,000 h
Filter testPM 2,5 – 0,3PM 2,5PM 2,5 – 0,3PM 2,5 – 0,3PM 2,5 – 0,3PM 2,5 – 0,3
Virus test H1N1 + H3N2 H1N1 + H3N2H1N1 + H3N2H1N1 + H3N2H1N1 + H3N2H1N1 + H3N2
Bacteria test5 Bacteria5 Bacteria5 Bacteria5 Bacteria5 Bacteria5 Bacteria
Test reportsSGS certificateSGS certificate
CertificatesFor all units: Official biological and filter function certificate of Guandong Institute of Microbiology